Artemia salina, sometimes known as "Sea-Monkeys"
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Sea Monkey

Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid of Artemia salina, a species of brine shrimp. These are a type of fairy shrimp -- not true shrimp, but a branchiopod. The term Sea-Monkeys (sometimes unhyphenated) is a trademark used to sell them as a novelty gift. more...

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Sea MonkeySea Monkey
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They originate in salt lakes and salt evaporation flats.

Sea-Monkey can reproduce female and female or male and female. Also when the eggs are laid there are fewer males than females per "litter". This is probably because they are not needed for reproduction. Females will even stop reproducing with the males when the male population gets too low.

The key observation that allowed unhatched "Sea-Monkeys" to be cheaply packaged, shipped, and handled is that in certain easily-prepared environments they enter cryptobiosis, a natural state of suspended animation. When released into their aquarium they leave this state and hatch.

They were first marketed in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut as "Instant Life", though Braunhut later changed the name to "Sea-Monkeys" on May 10, 1962. Many types of Sea-Monkey kits are now available. The company produces the original Ocean View tank as well as a variety of other products. The Sea-Monkeys company is now part of Educational Insights, and is currently (2005) headed by George C. Atamian.

This particular species has been cited in studies of DNA and sexual behavior, primarily because they are commonly available specimens.

As of 2005, there are even "Sea-Monkeys" themed slot machines. Sea-Monkeys are guaranteed to live for up to 2 years. Sea-Monkeys are sometimes nicknamed "Salty Simians". (monkeys are simians.) Sea-Monkeys have been granted U.S Patent # 3,673,986.


Sea-Monkeys require the use of certain pieces of equipment to start up a tank.


Sea-Monkeys can be purchased with a tank. Each tank has a certain theme. Sea Monkeys can also be raised without a tank. The contents that come with the tank vary depending on which tank was bought. Tanks can hold a maximum of 100 Sea-Monkeys. Too many and there might not be enough oxygen for them.

Micro View Tank

One of the first two Sea-Monkey tanks, the Micro View tank features small magnifying portals for closer examination of the Sea-Monkeys living inside it. It is also modeled on a seascape base.

Ocean Zoo

The other of the first two Sea-Monkey tanks, the Ocean Zoo is a rather basic tank consisting of a clear plastic side for a clear view of the Sea-Monkeys. It has a blue or red accent top and base.

On Mars

Designed to look like the red planet Mars, this Sea-Monkey tank has a detailed red landscape. It has red craters, towering arches and volcanoes to replicate the Martian landscape. Sea-Monkeys use the landscaping in the tank as a playground. The tank features a crystal clear magnifying lid for a better view of the landscape.

Magic Castle

A Sea-Monkey tank that contains a small, colorful castle, this Sea-Monkeys tank would be a favorite of fantasy lovers everywhere. Sea-Monkeys use the castle as a playground and the crystal clear magnifying lid allows a clearer view of the castle.

Executive Set

This Sea-Monkey tank is a perfect office decor, companion and conversation piece all in one. Designed to be placed on an office desk, it is meant for people who work too much to relax as they care for their Sea-Monkeys. This tank has a ventilated lid and a mound of gold on the bottom. It has 4 built-in magnifiers and includes the "Million-Bubble" Air Pump and the Tiny Tank Tool (T3).

Sunken Treasure

This Sea-Monkey tank contains a sleek, glow-in-the-dark plastic sunken galleon that Sea-Monkeys will dart into and around for fun. They love light and bright objects, and love hiding in the galleon. It provides exploration fun for the Sea-Monkeys inside the tank.

Robo Diver

A Robo-Diver is a Sea-Monkey tank that features a small, orange diving helmet on the top. Pushing down on this helmet relases a Robo-Diver that is first filled with Growth Food. The trick is to try and land the Robo-Diver on a white "landing zone" on the bottom of the tank. Once it lands, the Robo-Diver will release the Growth Food inside it to feed the Sea-Monkeys. The Robo-Diver is then placed back in its original position for the next feeding time

Space Shuttle

Designed to represent the Space Shuttle, this Sea-Monkey tank was created to indicate NASA's experiments with Sea-Monkeys in space. After the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986, a Teacher in Space finalist, Pat Palazzolo thought of sending Sea-Monkeys into space. After convincing NASA to send the Sea-Monkeys into space, she and nine of her students watched a Space Shuttle take off with the Sea-Monkeys on board. 400 million of them were bought into space with astronaut John Glenn. The Sea-Monkeys were tested under weightlessness, exoposure to radiation, 3 G's of gravitational force during reentry and temperature fluctuations. The tank is based on the Space Shuttle Discovery and has a built in water oxygenator. It also features a LED "cockpit" light and comes with a packet of Plasma III.


The Explor-A-Sub Sea-Monkey tank is shaped like a submarine and has three colored neon light rings around it. There are two lights in the tank. Switching them on seem to control the behavior of the Sea-Monkeys living in the tank. The neon light rings are used for a light show that the Sea-Monkey owner can control. There are also two buttons that control sound effects. The tank is battery operated and packaged in a try-me package.


Sea Monkey kits come with 3 packets, these are the Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs and Growth Food packets. These packets are needed to start a Sea Monkey tank. There are 7 other packets, which have other effects, that can be bought separately. They are Plasma III, Sea-Medic, Cupid's Arrow, Red Magic Vitamins, Gro-Kwikly, Banana Treat and Sea Diamonds.

Packet No. 1 Water Purifier

This packet contains a "one time" formula. It is only used once and never used again. It neutralizes poisonus metal oxides such as Copper Oxide (which comes from copper plumbing) and other harmful elements like chlorine and fluoride (both of which can kill Sea-Monkeys). That is why it is suggested that bottled water or spring water should be used and not tap water from a sink. If tap water is used, it should be boiled so as to reduce the amount of impurities before the Water Purifier is added. A packet of Water Purifier is enough for 10oz or 330cc of water. The Sea-Monkey owner is asked to wait 24 hours after adding Water Purifier to add the second packet, Instant Live Eggs. Water Purfier is one of 3 packets included in a Sea-Monkey kit.


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